1860 MUNCHEN 2 – FURTH 2 PREDICTION (21.03.2017)

1860 München 2 vs Fürth 2: Preview & Prediction

The SpVgg Unterhaching is at the top of the regional league Bayern lonely. After 24 matchdays, the former Bundesligist already has 62 points in his account and is therefore a good 17 points before the second team from the TSV 1860 Munich. While the pros are partly on country play travels are in the regionalligen catching up on the program. For the otherwise poor football Tuesday we have the match between 1860 Munich 2 and Greuther Fürth 2 rausgepickt. While the Jung-Lions have no realistic chance to get on the ascent play-offs, the guests from the Franconia are in the descent for every point. At the moment, they are at the same point as the first relegation relegation place and therefore are in some way under tension. For this reason, we are expecting a deep Fürth team, which has clearly clear disadvantages and will therefore be restricted primarily to the defensive. 1860 Munich had not been noticeable as a topping-out machine in the past season, so that in our opinion there are some indications that less than 2.5 goals will fall. For this tip we get bets of 1.90, which we play with restrained bets.

1860 Munich 2

Daniel Bierofka, coach of the second team of 1860 Munich, stood as a professional less for technically high-quality football, but rather for the typical virtues fight, passion and two-player behavior. Exactly this manuscript can be seen among the young lions. With just 28 goals, the Munich team is one of the worst and most dangerous series of attacks in the regional league Bayern. By comparison, Unterhaching scored 68 goals, and even VfR Graching scored almost 50% more in the opponent’s goal (41). On the other hand the defensive with only 23 contenders (second highest value) is the showpiece of the team, which still occupies the second place, but with 17 points behind leader Unterhaching, however, no more hope of a possible rise to the Third League. Above all, the light blue whites sometimes act to harmless and unimaginative against the deepest defensive lines. The last three games have all been won. 1: 0, 2: 0 and 1: 0 were the results, all of which stand for an Under 2.5. In total, more than two goals were scored in just nine out of 24 Liga – tions with a sixties participation. This should be sufficient as a basic argument for the tip.

Furth 2

Similar to the Young Lions, the latest three matches with Fürther’s participation ended in the Under 2.5 segment. Overall, fewer than three goals were scored in ten out of 23 games with cloverleaf participation. This also corresponds to a value of less than 50%, which is decisive for this tip in terms of the betting odds. Since Fürth is only one place before the relegation relegation rank (15th) and is therefore seriously worried about the class salary in the fourth-highest German game class, we can assume that coach Thomas Kleine, who was also a tough defender and not an offensive artist as a professional , His team will rather defensively adjust, in order not to run early into the open knife. Already with a point at Giesing, the Fürth would certainly be satisfied, which is why we expect a wait-and-see guest, who did not always seem saddle-oriented abroad, but showed an upward trend in the recent guest game in Garching (1: 1).

1860 München 2 vs Fürth 2: Direct Matches

In a football league, it is rare to see the second-placed team as one of the worst offensive teams in the league match. Exactly this is the case with the second team of the TSV 1860 Munich, the first meager 28 goals in 24 games. They owe their strong second place to their exceptionally good defensive (23 goals). On Tuesday, the Bierofka-Elf will now face the descended Fürther. We are expecting an intense match, in which the guests will do everything they can to keep the favorites as long as possible. In the end we tend to be a tight, torrential match.

Statistically, the Over 2.5 Line was broken only in nine out of 24 cases (38%) and in matches with Fürth’s stake in ten out of 23 cases (43%). Lastly, both teams played in series under 2.5 each, which is why we consider the odds for this tip as very neat and place our bets accordingly.

21.08.16 RL Furth II Munich 1860 II 1 : 2
02.03.16 RL Furth II Munich 1860 II 0 : 0
07.08.15 RL Munich 1860 II Furth II 1 : 0
22.11.14 RL Furth II Munich 1860 II 1 : 2
26.07.14 RL Munich 1860 II Furth II 2 : 1

1860 München 2 vs Fürth 2: Betting Tips

Munich 1860 II win – Odds: 1.50
Over 2,5 goals – Odds: 1.95