AEK – Club Brugge: Preview & Prediction


Manolo Jimenez has been running his Athens representative since January 2017. The Spanish coach has shown a noticeable increase since he came to the team. The champions have the right to qualify in the league. CSKA loses the tour they co-opt with Moscow and continues on the European League play-off round of the roads. The competition in this round was Club Brugge, another champions league team. Although they play on the road in the first match and play the last 30 minutes of the match against 10 people, they put a game in the head and returned to their own home with 0-0 score. There is a small advantage in the rematch before the match. Beside Livaja, who has a red card in the first match, Barkas will not be able to wear it due to his injury.

Club Brugge

The Belgian representative came here as well as the competitors because of the failure of the champions league front hand here. Representative of the match with Başakşehir, they lost 3-3 draws in the first match on the field and lost 2-0 to our representative in the second match. They could not use a significant advantage against their opponents in the match they played on their field with AEK and it ended as the match started. The Belgian team can not show the domestic performance of the show on the roads. Let’s see if they can score the tournament in this game. Poulain and Acoletse have injuries. The status of these players will be certain at the match time.

AEK – Club Brugge: Betting Tips

AEK AH 0 – Odds: 1.55
Under 2,5 goals – Odds: 1.65