Albania – Italy: Preview & Prediction

The Italian national team, which guarantees to play off at the World Cup Qualifiers, will make the final break in Albanian away before the critical games in November.

The appointment of these two teams, who will be in the group for a long time, will start at 21:45 on Monday evening. The 384 Idda coded competition will be at Loro Borici Stadium. It has given 6.25 for Albania and 1.30 for Italy. On foreign betting sites, the average odds for Italy are 1.65.

In the Albanian national team, there is an Italian teacher who knows the competitor well. The young technical man Panucci agreed with Albania after his experience in Livorno. Albania was supposed to sign a miracle in the games we were going to have to be second. Both the defeat of Spain on the road and the loss of Italy to Macedonia would make this match meaningful. When these two scenarios naturally do not materialize, hopes that are already very few have already been exhausted. Albania, which surprised everyone by showing the success of joining Euro 2016, started the game very badly, which they took three points from Spain. At the very beginning of the first half, they scored three goals in a row. Llullaku and Grezda have not been effective in the future. The substitute start of the important player of the team, Sadiku, was also a controversial choice. In the group where there were two gigantic teams, Albania came in hand. They will try to say goodbye in front of Gruba fans.

Italy was expected to make a difference to Macedonia, and the Iddaa risk center had opened a 2-handicap option in that match. But let’s not get 3 different wins even in the normal way. Perhaps the loss of Albania 3-0 to Spain at the same time created a lament for them. Italy, which is guaranteed to be second, will have two final matches in November. Italy, which has a striking poo among the best secondary players, suffers from overwhelming disability news. De Rossi, Pellegrini, Belotti, Marchisio were already players with disability problems. Andrea Barzagli was involved in these games the day before. Italy is expected to play in this game 4-2-4 instead of 3-4-3. Eder, Candreva and Cristante will be involved. Italy won the first game against Albania in the first place 2-0.

Ventura has stated that it is necessary to win even for FIFA ranking in the simplest case. 2 points lost in the last Macedonian match, played bad football, upset. They will try to win in order to get rid of this nervousness. I prefer to favor Italy.

Albania – Italy: Betting Tips

Italy win – Odds: 1.65
Over 2 goals – Odds: 1.70