Altach vs SV Ried: Preview & Prediction

It is absolutely no longer at the SCR Altach. The men of Martin Scherb – after Thursday’s opponent Ried – are the worst spring team in the entire Bundesliga after the first round of the SK Sturm Graz and before teams like Rapid, Salzburg or Austria Wien. The reasons seem obvious. Altach can not surprise the opponents as much as in the autumn. Also with Dimitri Oberlin in the winter transfer window was an important player back to Salzburg. In the last season of the season, the Vorarlbergs are the only team in the top game class, without a single victory. Lastly there were two defeats against SV Mattersburg (0: 1) and the key game against SK Sturm Graz (1: 2). The deficit to a fixed Europacup place is accordingly four points. Altach has also lost much of his home strength, which the team has distinguished in many phases this season. The last victory in front of their own audience – equal to the last victory in the championship – was the 3-0 win against SV Mattersburg in March of this year.

For some time it seemed as if the SV Ried under Neo coach Lassaad Chabbi succeeded the turn. And yet on Thursday you are absolutely back with your back. If Altach does not win, the adventure Bundesliga for the Upper Austrians is at least one year past. But even a simple one could be too little, the decision about descent or non-descent would nevertheless be postponed. In the last few weeks, the last two matches were unlucky. One fact, however, is the fact that the Chabbi elite is still missing a striker for the whole of the season, transforming the chances of winning. Lastly, they had to contend with a 1-1 draw in the relegation thriller against St. Pölten before conceding the decisive goal-mate only a few minutes before the end. The fact that Ried was on the last table but that two teams were defensively even weaker than the last one shows that it failed mainly on the offensive and especially on the attack center. The fact that Mathias Honsak and Patrick Möschl currently also two important offense players fail, the situation of the Rieder should not necessarily be beneficial. Preventing the relegation on Thursday would also be a kind of soccer wonder in the same way, that Ried this season only a single descent on the Habens side.

Altach vs SV Ried: Direct Matches

Slowly but surely the lights go out in Ried from a sporting point of view. One can hope on Thursday to the current form crisis of the opponent from Vorarlberg. Because the final results speak for the Chabbi elf, who will postpone the decision on class salary or descent in spite of a blatant outward weakness.

Altach vs SV Ried: Betting Tips

Altach win – Odds: 2.00
Over 2,5 goals – Odds: 1.85