Atlético-GO vs Atlético-PR: Preview & Prediction

For the first time out of the relegation zone after completing seven rounds at the bottom of the leaderboard, Atletico-GO opens this Saturday, June 17, the eighth round of the Brazilian Championship version 2017. It faces, from 16h ), Atletico-PR. The match will be held at the Pedro Ludovico Olympic stadium in Goiânia.


The red-black goiano managed to leave the zone of the sticking to defeat the night of Wednesday, June 14, also at home, Avaí, by 3 to 1. With that, it increased to six points (two victories and five defeats) Climbing three positions. It reached the sixteenth place, the first one outside the Z4.

With 14 conceded goals, continues presenting the second worst defense of the Brasileirão, but the attack, at least at home, began to work. His two victories were obtained from the moment in which the club stopped to host his games in Serra Dourada and happened to act in the Olympic stadium Pedro Ludovico. Adding to the commitments on the spot since last year, Atlético-GO presents an unbeaten sequence of 12 matches (eight wins and four draws).

The improvement in the situation was not well absorbed by all players. Striker Walter, who could not show enough football to get a place among the holders, as he has done before in other clubs, showed dissatisfaction with the situation and failed to greet an assistant coach.

The door can be opened for your departure from the club. Recently contracted, coach Doriva said he will not tolerate attitudes like this and if the athlete does not fit, he will be dismissed.

Even because within the four lines Walter is not missing the team that has undergone a reformulation after the failure in the Goiano Championship. For the duel of this Saturday he can count on the return of the steering wheel Marcão. He has been suspended on Wednesday due to the accumulation of yellow cards and can already be scaled.


The Hurricane situation before the seventh round was even worse than the Dragon’s. He had not achieved a single victory. The fans had the impression that the scenario would be even more complicated with the expulsion of Lucho Gonzalez, still in the first half, of the match against Atletico-MG on Wednesday in Independência.

It was in suffocation, with the team allowing 27 finalizations to the rival. However, Galo’s lack of accuracy meant that Rio de Janeiro’s runners-up survived the bombing and, in the end, 45 minutes into the second half, they reached the goal that gave them the first victory of the 2017 Brazilian Championship season.

It was not enough for the team to leave the relegation zone. With five points (one win, two draws and four losses), he remains in the 20th and last position. However, he is likely to leave the sideline region in the eighth round.

For this, coach Eduardo Baptista can count on reinforcements. One is right. The goalkeeper Weverton, who was serving the Brazilian team, will be available. He probably will recover his position, which was occupied by Santos, although the reserve performed well.

Other reinforcements are likely. It still depends on release of the medical department midfielder Carlos Alberto. If it receives the green light, the tendency is that the veteran midfielder, who has suffered with a sequence of bruises, is related to the reserve bench.

Another option for the coach should be striker Pablo, who was dismissed from the match in Belo Horizonte for particular problems. This should not be repeated. In that case, the offensive player, who has at speed his characteristic, will possibly gain place among the holders. In that case, Yago would lose his place.

Who can also return to the team is defender Paulo André. With calf pains, he was spared the game against Rooster by staying on the bench. Having time to recover, is another that must resume its position among the headlines.

Outside of combat will be the midfielder Lucho González, who will have to comply with automatic suspension. Apart from him, midfielder Felipe Gedoz and striker Eduardo Silva should be dismissed. Needing to improve their fitness, they were spared against Atletico-MG and should only return in the ninth round.
Keep an eye on the whistle

It will be Bruno Arleu de Araújo, linked to the Federation of the State of Rio de Janeiro, the mediation of the rubro-negros duel in Goiânia. It will be his second referee in the 2017 season. In all, he played in 13 Serie A games with 61.5% of constituents ‘wins, 23.1% of draws and 15.4% of visitors’ successes.

On average, it has four yellows (36% constituents x 64% visitors) in a duel and expels an athlete (50% constituents x 50% visitors) in every seven confrontations. His average number of fouls, considering games since 2016, is 30 (51% x 49%) per game.
History of the bouts between Atlético-GO and Atlético-PR

Made between 1987 and 2011, there were only five meetings between the red-black Goiano and Paranaense in Brasileirã

Atlético-GO vs Atlético-PR: Direct Matches

06.11.11 SA Atletico-PR Atletico GO 2 : 1
05.08.11 SA Atletico GO Atletico-PR 0 : 3
18.09.10 SA Atletico GO Atletico-PR 1 : 2
28.05.10 SA Atletico-PR Atletico GO 2 : 1

Atlético-GO vs Atlético-PR: Betting Tips

1X – Odds: 1.40
Over 2,5 goals – Odds: 2.25