VfB Auerbach vs. TSG Neustrelitz: Preview & Prediction

On Saturday, Auerbach made a striking 6-0 win at the three victorious Fürstenwalde three times in a row and was thus able to keep the table neighbors at 5 points. At the end of the first half of the game, Fürstenwalde broke into disaster, and Auerbach’s Danny Wild, Fabian Paradies, and Marc-Philipp Zimmermann took a calm 3: 0 break and took half-time Zimmerman with the 4-0 defeat all efforts of the opponents. Again Zimmermann and Wild then made the final cover on it. Auerbach has now 29 points and a 7-8-9 total row, which is still enough only to place 14 and depending on who on or desteiget, which could only reach to the religation. With the withdrawn Leiptziger second representation is already already a descent, the Next season. In the hemmlichen VFB stadium Auerbach produced a negative 4-3-5 series, this year there was a 1-1-1, in the last 4 home games a 1-1-2 row.

In Neustrelitz, it was not possible to win again at the weekend, although an uptrend can be seen without a doubt. In the home game, where now 2 points were only reached, two hand-elders for Meuseitz Neustrelitz had to make the earned wage of 3 points, so that the tables last had to be satisfied with a 2: 2.Jan-Ove Edeling marked the 1: 0, in short Then captain Rene Pütt even scored 2-0. Before the break still the Anschluss by a ridiculous trader for the guests and after 70 minutes the second ridiculous for Meuselwitz, but end had Neustrelitz then even around this one point. The team can not be saved any more, in 23 games there was already 18 defeats with only one win 4 draws. Nevertheless, the team can not be hanged, even jena had a hard time in the last two games, and the 0: 0 in Babelsberg was worth all the honors, as well as the 1-2-1 away row of the last 4 away games.

In the first game Auerbach won 1: 0, Auerbach is also clear favorite here, but somehow you want to win that neustrelitz times. Perhaps it works with the surprise at this point.

VfB Auerbach vs. TSG Neustrelitz: Direct Matches

14.08.16 RL Neustrelitz Auerbach 0 : 1
07.10.15 RL Auerbach Neustrelitz 2 : 0
02.08.15 RL Neustrelitz Auerbach 3 : 0
26.04.15 RL Neustrelitz Auerbach 2 : 4
26.10.14 RL Auerbach Neustrelitz 2 : 1

VfB Auerbach vs. TSG Neustrelitz: Betting Tips

Auerbach win – Odds: 1.40
Over 2,5 goals – Odds: 1.75