Bahía vs Sport Recife: Preview & Prediction

After taking advantage of the fact that the rival of the premiere in the Brazilian Championship acted with an alternative formation – Massacre Atletico Paranaense at home by 6 × 2 – Bahia was a victim in the next round, since sparing most of the holders for this decision, For losing to Vasco by 2 × 1 as a visitor.

Again focused, having the passion of his passionate fans and a crowded stadium to give him more confidence – as usual, he has been very strong in his home -, Bahia hopes to take advantage of the advantage obtained in the first leg – tied with the rival As a visitor by 1 × 1 – to become champion of the northeast. The only result that would give the direct conquest without needing the victory would be the tie in 0x0, but since his back has been far from being confident in his last clashes, it is good for Bahia to leave the advantage aside, rely on the factor house as a differential To seek to evolve the level of its performance, seeking the triumph to do for deserving the title.

Once again, the Sport will try to overcome the routine of having to run behind the scoreboard of a decisive series, trusting that, like all other times here, it will be able to be successful at the end of it – Sport, at the very least, will need Of a draw with goals to become champion of the most important competition to be disputed in this first semester.

In his favor, as has been said, the fact that he managed to succeed in all the woods in which he was at a disadvantage earlier this year – there were already some – gives him confidence to keep his head in place, Fidgeting, hoping to be able to do his part to get the title. Against him, however, it weighs the pressure because it is far from convincing in the current stretch – it has been five games without winning, with constant irregularities in both ends. The results away from home are also not encouraging, but feeling mature, fearless and fierce, Sport is ready for the fight.

Bahía vs Sport Recife: Direct Matches

At least a great game. The visiting team has a mystique about themselves for the top-scorers given this season in knockout duels in which they left behind in the series. Bahia, for its part, has not wasted advantages, being very competitive in its home. By being able to explore the spaces that the rival can give, with a team more prepared mentally and collectively, even without being exciting, I see more chances for Bahia to have the right resources to at least hold the tie that can give him the title.

Bahía vs Sport Recife: Betting Tips

Bahia win – Odds: 1.70
Over 2,5 goals – Odds: 2.00