Belarus – Sweden: Preview & Prediction

Not only do they work poorly as a team, but they do not have great players. The defensive process was not always bad, in some games they managed to hold against stronger teams and even did not suffer as many goals as that.

But for example against Luxembourg that was team to make 6 points, only did 1. They tied at home and lost out in the last game and left a bad image of their football.

This is a team with little belief in this final phase of qualifying for the World Cup in which they are out of this race, I would say, ever since.

Sweden the Swedes who were in first place with goals advantage over France, lost an excellent opportunity to defend that place having lost in Bulgaria 3-2.

In a crazy game where they always had to lose, 1-0 and 2-1, the Swedes always fought for a different result, when they were 2-2 until they had occasions for 3-2, but those who do not score suffer and 10 minutes from the end were the Bulgarians to be happy.

The Swedes now have to rectify this defeat and go to win Belarus, there is no other possibility, otherwise the second place guarantee with the threats of Bulgaria and the Netherlands.

The Swedes were very profligate in Bulgaria and more than 50 years later they were again defeated by that selection.

Now they have to win in Belarus and I believe they will.

This east side selection is very weak, it makes a lot of mistakes both individual and tactical and a pressing Sweden, authoritarian and to enter the game to send, surely win this game.

The defeat for Luxembourg should leave marks and I do not believe that at home they will be able to face a Sweden that goes up with everything in this game given the urgency of points that they have.

Belarus – Sweden: Betting Tips

Sweden win – Odds: 1.70
Over 2 goals – Odds: 1.70