Blackburn Rovers vs Cardiff: Preview & Prediction

The odds are extremely close to the two team victories, one of the hosts with 2.70 share, while the going is 2.65. That well as two team made me get my mind off trying to make out what the end result could have this confrontation. Therefore, for the match between Blackburn Rovers and Cardiff have chosen a tip based on the number of goals that will not be a small one in my opinion. See below my forecast but argued details and statistics about the two teams.

Blackburn Rovers

They are ranked 20th with 36 points after 34 rounds.
9 times earned, and seven of those wins have come at home.
All 9 times and finished in a draw and have been 5 draws home and four away.
Unfortunately for them they lost nearly half of the match 16 to be exact.
The attack is somewhat lower than the team 19th in the Championship and has 37 achievements.
But defense is down, the 4th worst in the league with 52 goals conceded.


Ranked 12th with 46 points collected in 35 rounds.
The bulk of the points came after 13 victories, most of them home, 8 of them.
The rest have acquired after 7 draws, four away and three at home.
And they have many defeats, one in minus Fart Blackburn, so 15.
The offensive is the 10th most effective of the two English league and has 48 achievements.
Defending instead is on 19 and cashed it for no less than 51 goals.

Blackburn Rovers vs Cardiff: Direct Matches

30 times they gave chest and doeth it is quite balanced at the moment.
Cardiff leads with 10 wins against 9 of Blackburn and drew 11 times.
Welsh have not lost the last 8 such confrontations and were imposed in 5 of them.
Rovers won last time in Cup in 2005 at home, 3-2.

Blackburn Rovers vs Cardiff: Betting Tips

x2 – Odds: 5/11 – UK / (1.50) – European
Over 2,5 goals – Odds 8/7 – UK / (2.15) – European


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