In Portugal, on Sunday evening, the derby between Boavista Porto and FC Porto will take place. Boavista is ninth in the Portuguese league and Porto Tabellenzenzeiter and only one point behind Benfica Lisbon. Porto are the favorites, but what bets are the best at the derby of Porto?


Boavista Porto is a gray mouse in the Portuguese league. The team currently has a 7-8-7 record and 24-24 goals. It can hardly be more balanced, and with 29 points, the advantage of the descent is already 14 points. But also the gap to Guimaraes and thus to a Europa League place is already clear with 7 points. Last weekend, Boavista won 1-0 at Feirense – the last form with a 4-4-2 record from the last ten matches was certainly solid. However, with a 3-3-4 result at 10-9 goals this season, Boavista was hardly convinced by the home crowd. Against the “big brother” the team is therefore clear underdog and also the betting quotes (10er quota on the Heimsieg) speak for it.

FC Porto

FC Porto were in the midst of the week and lost home 1-0 against Juventus. The dream of the royal class is as good as dreamed out. But the dream of the championship is alive. Porto is second with a 16-5-1 score at 45-11 goals and 53 points in Portugal and just one point behind Benfica Lisbon. The obligatory competition between the two traditional clubs is therefore a source of inspiration. With a 9-1-0 record from the last ten league games, the form is very strong. Last weekend there was a 4-0 home win against Tondela! Porto drove a 5-4-1 record at 16-4 goals and is therefore the favorite in Derby!

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