Eintracht Braunschweig vs 1. FC Union Berlin: Preview & Prediction


At the start of the previous round Eintracht Braunschweig seemed to be experiencing a powerful break-in. As a leader of the table, they were not able to get a single victory from the first four matches in the spring, and in the meantime slipped out of the ascent and relegation zone. What followed was, however, an unprecedented success. Because the team of Torsten Lieberknecht lost only one of his last 12 Ligaspieleen, is therefore again on the best way in the direction of Oberhaus. At the moment, three points behind Stuttgart are second. But beware: the last defeat so far had to be accepted against Hannover 96 and thus against a team of similar collar width as one itself. Hope is above all the home advantage. Because in their own stadium the “lions” are very difficult to beat, have booked 15 games so far, 11 wins and three draws, only a home game was lost. Speaking of “Lions”: Around 1860, an important 1-0 victory was celebrated last weekend. Before that, there was a 2-0 win against Bochum VFL. Overall, in the past six league games, Braunschweig has conceded only one contender, is in this period the most stable team in the entire 2nd Bundesliga. However, last weekend it was not all gold, which shone. For Brunswick had considerably less of the game (44 per cent of the ball possession) against 1860, and also had fewer chances than the opponent. Positive: After Stuttgart, Braunschweig scored the second-most goals from all teams in the 2nd Bundesliga in home games. In addition, the last three appearances were won over to their own audience. Coach Lieberknecht with Decarrli and Coreia have two important defensive players, otherwise his entire squad is available to him.

Union Berlin

The Berliners are the stark outsiders among the four candidates for the promotion to the German Bundesliga. At the moment, you are on the fourth place in the table, but with a victory on Monday, the opponent from Braunschweig could be more than enough. Outsiders, if you are as close as the “iron”, should grab the opportunity at the head. On the weekend they were able to keep their distance to the competition constant with a 2-1 win against SV Sandhausen. However, the fact that you have to compete against Braunschweig abroad is not necessarily a cause for Berlin’s jubilant storms. Because the team of former Schalke coach Jens Keller is the second best home team of the 2. Bundesliga, while the foreign table is only spitting out the capital cities to fourth place. That sounds little dramatic, the last performances in the foreign country do not necessarily mean that the Union will be successful on Monday. The basement team won none of the last three away games, but instead of a draw against Fortuna Dusseldorf (2-2), they were in the duels with Stuttgart (1: 3) and Hannover (0-2) , These results also show that, especially in the recent past, it was not enough for a win. Overall, only two of the last six Ligaspiele could be won, the achievements are still too unstable for a possible ascent. Hope, on the other hand, makes the first season’s duel with Braunschweig, which the “Iron” should still have in good memory. After all, the Eintracht was defeated 2-0 at the Alte Försterei. However, with Sebastian Polter (Rotsperre) and Steven Skrzybski (injury), two absolute key players of the Berliners, who are among the best four scorers to count.

Eintracht Braunschweig vs 1. FC Union Berlin: Direct Matches

Union Berlin is a real Hercules task in the house. Braunschweig is certainly better in form than the Keller-Elf, can also rely on the support of the local audience. In addition, the pressure is much closer to Berlin, a defeat would probably mean the end of all (direct) ascent periods.

Eintracht Braunschweig vs 1. FC Union Berlin: Betting Tips

Braunschweig win – Odds: 2.30
Over 2,5 goals – Odds: 1.90