Brest vs Tours: Preview & Prediction

Judging strictly by the situation in the ranking of the two teams we might think that a bet on January 1st soloist as extremely safe. However, as the home side oscillating games at home makes me say that you’d better not bet on it. Therefore, I shifted and the match between Brest and Tours based tip I picked a moment to sign up first. See below my forecast argued, but details and statistics about the two teams.


They are leaders in Ligue 2 standings and have 55 points after 31 rounds.
Are there because they have the most wins this season, 16.
Number discounts is quite small, only seven, mostly depalsare, 6 of them.
They could have more points but lost 8 times and five defeats were at home.
The attack is only the 6th of second echelon French and has 42 achievements.
Defense is also below only ranked 8th and collected 33 goals so far.


It ranks only 16th with 32 points after 31 rounds.
Only seven victories and were able to get four at home and three away.
They have 11 hits, six draws on the land of their enemies and other five at home.
Unfortunately for them have suffered many defeats, no more than 13 in number.
The offensive is as good as his Brest, 6th in the championship with 42 so successful.
But defense is the weakest of the two French league and earned 49 goals.

Brest vs Tours: Direct Matches

15 times they gave chest before and Brest is a considerable advantage.
They have won nine confrontations and Tours only 3 and all 3 times ended in a draw.
In the last 9 disputes hosts the game lost only once and have won 6 times.
Previous victory came after their guests with 2 games in the league, at home, 2-1.

Brest vs Tours: Betting Tips

Brest win – Odds: 2.00
Over 2 goals – Odds: 1.65