Brighton is almost two ranks higher than MK Dons. Dons are highly motivated and an ok Away team, but has just said goodbye to two important midfielders, and Brighton is not expected to save players. The home side should be the great favorite.

It speaks for the game:

Brighton got canceled their game against Cardiff due to fog. This probably means you do not skimp players in this fight (* 1).
MK Dons have said goodbye to two midfielders (one of the team’s best, and a substitute) in Carruthers and Williams. (* 2)
In Brighton’s last league home game was close odds 1.47 against QPR. Against a relegation candidate from a lower row, the odds will be lower.
Brighton is no. 1 in the Championship, while MK Dons are relegated from the Championship last season and currently. find themselves in the relegation battle in League One.
Brighton won 2-1 in both mutual matches in the Championship last season. This year, you better while Dons are weaker.
Brighton has this season only played 2 draw and lost just one of 12 home games. The score says impressive 25-6.
Recently Brighton did not win in the FA Cup over a club in Championship was back in 2012 (where you yourself were oprykkere to the Championship).
Recent seasons have the required good team to beat Brighton out of the FA Cup. Arsenal, Hull and Liverpool have been the executioners.

What to watch for:

MK Dons playing in League One, and clubs from these rows and down is always motivated to give 100% in the prestigious FA Cup.
FA Cup offers every year surprises that can come from the club it should be.
MK Dons have already beaten Charlton out of the tournament this season. A club located in the upper half of League One.
MK Dons made it ok away from home this season, where you just have lost 4 out of 12 matches in the league.
Although Brighton do not have spare players, this struggle can still be an opportunity to give some young guys some playing time.
In recent inter-meeting ought Dons have got points. They lost 1-2, but had a man outnumbered by 70 minutes, and burned penalty in injury time.
As tipped here is quite early, is the bookmakers’ repayment also correspondingly low. Most places around 94%.

Arguments in italics are the elements I think the market ignores / misjudge.

* 1: The canceled match means that you only had two matches in the Christmas program and that it at kick-off against MK Dons is 5 days since you last played. At the same time all 7 days to the next match, so you should be able to make the strongest team, without risking fatigue.

* 2: Carruthers has just been sold to Sheffield United. He is one of the team solid and best players, but was not in the last game when he completed medical checkup at Sheffield United. Williams is on loan from Fulham, and was changed into the last game, but is now called back to Fulham, and thus does not appear to perform for MK Dons in the fight against Brighton.

Our prediction:

Brighton to win

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