Half Challenge standings as scheduled at the Sant’Elia stadium where the Cagliari hosts Bologna. Landlords who are from the defeat of Rome, guests who instead have won at home by hosting the Torino.

The hosts, despite the good performance in the postponement against Roma, suffered yet another defeat, the third in the last 5 but above the ninth of eleven games played away from home. Really bad, by downgrading, the performance far from Sardinia for the Rastelli team that makes the result only in the home. So today off chance against Bologna as it is played at the Sant’Elia where they won races well 7/10. Recoverable midfielders Gennaro Di Padoin, two key players for the balance of the game.

Guests however with the success achieved on Torino share rose to 26 points, the same as in Cagliari, but they come from two consecutive victories. Good time for men to Donadoni who last month have only lost against Juventus. Even if, as is the Cagliari, they too are in trouble when they play away from home. In fact far from Bologna have won only 2 matches. Good defense, but the attack is in trouble, only 20 goals scored so far with Destro in clear difficulty.

In Bologna finished 2-1. The Sardinians do not win this challenge by 4 years, but now have the opportunity to help turn the history and especially on their performance. They are the team that has suffered more, but it is also true that at home has made as many as 24 goals in 10 matches. So today, we expect a home victory in a match between two teams that play well in their respective stadiums. In addition, the goals will not fail, given the bad defenses.

Our prediction:

Prediction:OVER 2,5 GOALS
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