Cagliari Calcio

It is absolutely not at will for the current tables fifteen. Especially the performances in the last two weeks were anything but satisfactory. On the days 16 and 17, Cagliari defeated Napoli (0: 5) and – especially bitterly – against the tabernacle of Empoli (0-2). The 20-point Massimo Rastelli team are not as bad as the 40-point mark is a guarantee for non-descent. However, especially the achievements in the offensive were under every criticism. In three of the last five games, Cagliari were unaffected, and even Delfino Pescara could not win, with the result being a 1-1 draw. The shape curve thus clearly points downwards. Hope is the fact that there is a home game against Sassuolo. Cagliari could already compete in 2016/2017, five of them in their own stadium. Also the last victory over a little more than three weeks against Udinese Calcio (2: 1) succeeded in front of home. Currently, however, there is hardly any improvement in sight. The statistics also show that Cagliari already had four or more contenders in four games of the season. The lead over a descent is still calming eleven points, but with a victory you could be much more relaxed in the winter break. Bitter: With Marco Boriello, the best scorer of the team, as well as director Artur Ionita and external defender Nicola Murru. Cagliari’s experience could be helped by the experience. With an average age of 29.2 years, the ranks of the Rastelli elite are among the most experienced in the league.

US Sassuolo

It is hard to believe that Sassuolo was represented in the Europa League this season. Because in the league, the team brings performances that were not worthy of a European-playing club. What brings us to the subject of double loading, which certainly was no advantage in the case of Sassuolo. A variety of key players are also currently being hurt. You can lean out of the window and say that if these players were fit, Sassuolo would be found in other regions of the table. For example, top star Domenico Berardi, Matteo Politano, Davide Biondini, Alfred Duncan, captain Francesco Magnanelli, Marcello Gazzola and Timo Letschert are at the top. Accordingly, the most recent results were found. Against Inter Milan they were able to keep up well for a long time but in the end there was a 1-0 defeat. The same picture was played against AC Florenz (1: 2). Before the match, they won a 1: 1 tie with the SSC Napoli, and FC Empoli were also beaten 3-0. However, Sassuolo in a foreign country has only a single season on the Habens side. Even more drastic is the weakness of the game, considering that this was already the very first match against US Palermo (1: 0) retracted. All in all, the Eusebio di Francesco team have only one of the last eight championship games to choose. Sassuolo is particularly defensive, as 29 opponents in 17 games have proved. They also lost almost twice as many hits as they did at home.

Betting forecast

Two teams, who are in a hand-crafted crisis, meet in this duel. Offensive, we see some slight advantages for Sassuolo, but both have to do without important players. Although the personalities of Cagliari are still limited, we do not expect a homecoming to succeed. Our tip: Tip X.

Our prediction:

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