Costa Rica U20 vs Portugal U20: Preview & Prediction

Portugal played well and produced some great chances against Zambia in the 1st round – had won at least a draw.
The Portugal squad has many talents from Porto, Benfica and Sporting.
In March Portugal received a draw against strong France and England.
The Portuguese coach is still optimistic about moving forward (and does not mention anything about new injuries).
Costa Rica did not hit the target frame once in the 0-1 defeat against Iran. And the defense seemed disorganized – Iran should have scored more.
Iran (semifinal in the Asian championships) looks weaker than the African championship Zambia.
CR is from weak CONCACAF and was lucky in qualifying – avoided meeting the two strongest, the United States and Mexico. Lost to Honduras.
CR has only two international legions – the rest plays in the home country where the level is not quite high.

Portugal produced great chances, but burned them and lost 1-2 to Zambia. At Resistance Goal No. 2, the central defense was heavy.
Portugal lost 0-3 to Senegal in March.
The Portuguese World Cup squad lacks Beto, the team’s best at last year’s U19-EM (where it became a semi-final loss against France).
Many talents in the Portuguese squad, but they basically only play for the second team in Benfica. Porto etc.
CR typically plays with 3 center defenders. Although the Middle Americans need victory, they will probably play against the favorite Portugal.
Costa Rica ended a lot of times against Iran (15 pieces) – but typically outside and without touch.
CR midfielder Leal (Mechelen) is an excellent football player. Some of the teammates are also good technicians (but not the big football thinkers)

Costa Rica U20 vs Portugal U20: Betting Tips

Portugal win – Odds: 1.45
Over 2,5 goals – Odds: 1.90