Curzon Ashton vs United of Manchester: Preview & Prediction

If we look on the latest results of the two teams we could think of at least 3 successful bet, and for that share is 1.50 and deserve played. However, if we look over the past two direct meetings, we will reconsider, because it did not even marked. Therefore I refocused and Curzon Ashton match between United of Manchester and I chose a tip type double chance. See below my forecast but argued details and statistics about the two teams.

Curzon Ashton

They are ranked 12th with 47 points after 35 rounds.
The bulk of the points came from 13 wins and 8 were on foreign land and only 5 home.
The rest have acquired after 8 draws, mostly at home, five in number.
Above could be quite a few defeats but have not less than 14.
The attack is average, as a team, 10th in the 5 th English league and has 55 achievements.
Defense has some problems and just 15th and cashed it for 60 holes.

United of Manchester

Ranked 14th with 43 points after 35 rounds.
11 times they won and were 6 wins on foreign land and five others home.
They have 10 hits, 7 draws at home and three away yet.
Like their opponents in this game lost many matches, 14, all those from Curzon.
The offensive is one place higher than team on 13 and 53 have so far failed.
Defense is even 14 place that are in the overall standings and earned 57 goals.

Curzon Ashton vs United of Manchester: Direct Matches

There were eight confrontations between the two and United of Manchester is an advantage.
They have 3 wins and Curzon has none and 5 times ended in a draw.
Previous results were only four draws, and the last two were goalless, 0-0.
Last time band from Manchester was imposed made it away, 2014, 4-0.

Curzon Ashton vs United of Manchester: Betting Tips

1X – Odds: 1.40
Over 2,5 goals – Odds: 1.50