Darlington vs Bradford Park: Preview & Prediction

As shown situation in the rankings bet on a home win would seem out of reach and share for January 1 is 1.55 soloist and deserves played. But if we look the form side of displacement can see that they have 7 wins in their last 10 on foreign land disputes. Therefore I refocused, and the match between Darlington and Bradford Park have chosen a tip based on the number of goals which I think will be quite large. See below my forecast but argued details and statistics this confrontation.


They are ranked 5th with 60 points after 34 rounds.
The bulk came from 17 points wins, and most were at home, 10 in number.
The rest have acquired after 9 draws, most on foreign land, 7 of them.
They could be even higher but have quite a few defeats, no more than 9.
The attack is their strong point, 2nd in the championship and has 72 achievements.
Defense disappointed but is only 10th and earned no less than 51 goals.

Bradford Park

Ranked 18th with 34 points after as many rounds.
10 times and won 3 wins were at home and not less than 7 on foreign land.
Along with Stalybridge Celtic band they are the fewest draws, only four in number.
Unfortunately for them they lost many matches, 20 and so are so low.
The offensive is the same place with the team, so the 18th and scored 41 times.
Also there is the defense which has received many goals, not less than 66 in number.

Darlington vs Bradford Park: Direct Matches

Only once have given chest confrontation tour of Darlington won 2-1.
Bradford opened the score by Sinclair and Galbraith returned but Hardy score.

Darlington vs Bradford Park: Betting Tips

Darlington win – Odds: 1.50
Over 2,5 goals – Odds: 1.50