MSV Duisburg – 1. FC Nürnberg: Preview & Prediction

MSV Duisburg

The “Zebras” from Duisburg are probably facing a difficult season in the 2. German Bundesliga. While they were able to cheer up the leap from league three in the pre-season, the start of the season went through despite the upswing. Ilia Guev’s squad has collected a count in the first two games. In the first home game of the season last weekend, the VFL Bochum could be a 1: 1, a result, which is not at least completely dissatisfied. It looks different with a 0-1 defeat against Dynamo Dresden. Why? Because Duisburg in this game in the final phase showed carelessly and just before the end from a cornerball the decisive contender had to accept. Problems were evident, especially in the midfield. Longer ballsticks and successful combinations were rather deficient, instead there were many too easy ball losses in the spielaufbau, the opponents had significantly more shares. However, the defensive was a long way off, which is why it would be unfair to blame for the defeat at the Abwehrverbund. Only barely 40 percent of the ball possession at the same time, but at the same time little attacked attacks speak more of offensive weaknesses. Against Bochum you could at least get the first goal of the still young season, but you could not get beyond a 1: 1. It was again seen that the MSV in the key moments of a game is not always bright. Because while the opponents were conceded against Dresden as they said shortly before the end, this was the case against the VFL shortly after the beginning of the second half. Again one was inferior to the game, but a clear increase was evident. The Guev-Elf scored no less than twice as often on the VFL’s goal as they did against Dynamo. Accordingly, this performance increases for Monday as well as the home advantage. Duisburg’s coach will have to do without the coach Branimir Bajic, Wirbelwind Baris Özbek, Tim Albutat and Zlatko Janjic.

FC Nürnberg

The first full summer preparation that Nuremberg’s new coach Michael Köllner was able to complete with the team seems to pay off. Because the “club” knows similar problems, as they prevail in Duisburg, currently in no way. Instead the Franks lead the table of the 2. Bundesliga after two game days. This is not entirely surprising, but after the start of the season with outsider chances, the promotion was made, but the start of the season is a lot better for the Franks. One thing is obvious: Michael Köllner managed what had been denied to his predecessor, Alois Schwartz. Namely to make a team from Nuremberg, which is very stable on the defensive. The “club” remained unconventional in both games this season, winning 3-0 against 1. FC Kaiserslautern, and also won the difficult game in Regensburg with a 1: 0 goal. To the comparison: At the same time of the past season, the former champion had already conceded two contenders and not yet a single victory on the Haps side. After three games there were even eight loss goals. A fate that 2017/2018 hardly threatens. One of the reasons for the current success is surely the very smart new commitments in this transfer period. One example would be Sebastian Kerk, who is from Freiburg, who has a tremendous amount of work on the left hand side and has prepared not less than three from four goals. In general, it is mainly the midfield, which currently gives the FCN a goal. Above all Kevin Möhwald shone with two goals in two games. One of the reasons for this is certainly the fact that the offensive player enjoys many freedoms and that he will be defensively defended by Captain Behrens. However, the MSV Duisburg in the past was anything but a wish opponent of the Nuremberg. None of the last five direct duels were able to make the Franks decide, but there were only two draws and three defeats.

MSV Duisburg – 1. FC Nürnberg: Betting Tips

1X – Odds: 1.60
Over 2,5 goals – Odds: 2.00