Eindhoven vs Helmond Sport: Preview & Prediction

The latest results of the two teams show that it happens very often to enroll both bands. The share for a minimum goal of each troop is pretty good, 1.50 but I would not choose it in a ticket of mine because the guests had a problem with efficiency in front of the gate and they did not score 5 of The last 7 such disputes. So I reorientated, and for the match between Eindhoven and Helmond Sport we chose a tip based on the final result. See below my reasoned forecast but also details and statistics on confrontation.


They are in 11th place with 52 points after 37 stages.
15 times they have won and most of these wins have come home, 12 of them.
There are 7 positive results, there are 2 draws on the field and 5 on the move.
They could be higher but have 15 defeats, most of them foreign, ie 11.
The attack is an average, the 9th in the Eerste Divisie and has 62 successes.
The defensive suffers, it is only 15th in the championship and has won 69 goals.

Helmond Sport

Occupies 13th position with 48 points after 37 rounds.
The points have come from 14 wins, and most often they have won at home 10 times.
The rest have drawn from 6 draws, 4 on their own and 2 on their way.
I’m so down because they have suffered many defeats, no less than 17.
The offensive is quite inefficient, the 15th in the championship and scored 47 times.
The defense has done a little better, it’s 12 and has scored 65 goals.

Eindhoven vs Helmond Sport: Direct Matches

They have met 43 times and Helmond is now in the advantage.
They have 21 wins, and Eindhoven has 13 and 9 times finished in draw.
In the last four confrontations victories succeeded each side.
The last draw was recorded in 2014 on Eindhoven’s field, score 0-0.

Eindhoven vs Helmond Sport: Betting Tips

Eindhoven FC win – Odds: 1.50
Over 2,5 goals – Odds: 1.60