England W vs Spain W: Preview & Prediction

It was a taste start at the summer championship for England, which broke the big rivals Scotland with the tennis scores 6-0. Everything turned as desired and England has now been raised as an increasingly challenging champion for the championship’s foremost favorites in Germany and France.

Spain is also strengthened after their premiere, where two numbers became larger than Portugal and therefore it is a group finale that is on the Sunday menu. A possible winner here is most likely also one in the group and is therefore likely to face a simpler draw in the final and quarterfinals.

Certainly, neither Scotland nor Portugal can threaten either of these parties in the final round? Significant difference between top and bottom duo. You can not sweep under the carpet.
England drives on the scale

Spain is a value meter of class, absolutely. The question is whether they have the weight to resist England right now? The undersigned leans that they do not have it.

If we value the troops and, not least, the battlefields against each other, England is slightly better; Sharper tip and wider width. World class player in every position.

Now, Scotland must be another type of resistance is Spain – a clearly worse thing – but winning 6-0 is a strength message that can not be wiped away as nothing. At times, it was close to perfection and that a player like Jodie Taylor, Arsenal striker, found the net on three occasions, could be significant in the future.

The performance that Spain stood against Portugal was stable, but not much more than that. The feeling is that they get confessed color here and instead look at the safe second place in the group.

England W vs Spain W: Betting Tips

1X – Odds: 1.40
Over 2,5 goals – Odds: 2.05