Entella vs Salernitana: Preview & Prediction

As evidenced by the latest developments of the two teams we could think of a bet on the number of goals, and share up to 2 successes is 1.65. However, if we look on the results of the hosts home games we will see that many of them have scored at least 3 times often. Therefore I refocused and Salernitana match between Virtus Entella and I chose a tip based on the victory of one team in any inning. See below my forecast argued, and details and statistics about confrontation.

Virtus Entella

I’m 10 with 43 points after 30 rounds.
The bulk of the points they have collected 10 wins, most home nine of them.
The rest they obtained after 13 draws, most away, nine in number.
Only 7 defeats and have only teams with fewer losses are SPAL and Perugia.
The attack is very good, the 4th of the second Italian league and has 42 achievements.
Defense is the same place with the team, so the 10th and earned 34 goals.


Ranked 14th with 36 points after 30 rounds.
Only 8 victories achieved and most were at home, six in number.
They have 12 hits, six home draws and six others on foreign land.
They pretty much defeats, number 11 and eight of them were away.
The offensive is one average, 12th in Serie B and has 33 achievements.
12 is the same place and the defense which earned 34 goals so far.

Entella vs Salernitana: Direct Matches

Only 3 were confrontations between them and the situation is quite balanced.
Virtus has a win and none Salernitana and 2 times ended in a draw.
In the second round they drew 1-1 score after the band led Entella.
Only once have the game played on the field hosts and they have won, 1-0.

Entella vs Salernitana: Betting Tips

Entella win – Odds: 2.20
Under 2,5 goals – Odds: 1.65