AFC Eskilstuna vs IFK Norrköping: Preview & Prediction

That AFC Eskilstuna would have big problems in Allsvenskan, it’s anything but shocking, but even in their measure, it’s not acceptable to still be without profit, 0-3-4 in the finish line. In addition, three of those losses have been raced successively in the latest matches.

There will really be something extra from coach Pelle Olsson and those around him because AFC, who is currently tabernabo, should avoid tearing out of the Swedish subdivision …

The guests, then? It was with extremely bitter aftertaste as IFK Norrköping left the Östgötaport last week, where bottled GIF Sundsvall stood for the resistance. 0-0 scored the final result in a match that IFK dominated with iron hand, but both inefficiency and three hits meant that it just became a bad stick.

11 recorded studs mean that they are in the top racing. No major damage occurred.
Here it is going to leave

Will be total class difference here!

AFC is not at all good right now. The criticism of the club hails, the assistant coach has left, and thus, there has not been a single win on the seven initial All Sweden matches – and it looks only worse and worse.

AFC Eskilstuna vs IFK Norrköping: Direct Matches

It’s just watching the three most recent matches – against J-Södra, Hammarby and Östersund – who have been fully featured. Overall goal difference in these, 1-8. Then it should be mentioned that the loss should have been clearly greater than it was last, in the 0-1 cod against J-Södra. 3-4 / 0 had been more fair.

Now the conditions are even worse for table bouts, as midfielder Ludvig Öhman and Alexander Michel can miss the match. The aforementioned we are counting out after seeing the red card last while the status of Michel, who got injured in the same match, is uncertain.

Now the title editor IFK Norrköping will be visiting. A lot of talk is that there will be retroactive dividends after a bunch of missed goal chances against Sundsvall, 0-0, most recently, where three balls went into effect.

AFC Eskilstuna vs IFK Norrköping: Betting Tips

Norrkoping win – Odds: 1.60
Over 2,5 goals – Odds: 1.65