Eskilstuna vs AIK: Preview & Prediction

Battle of the Globe Area! 15:00 on Sundays, it’s kicking off at an end-sold Tele2 Arena, an arena that both clubs play at, between two of the most bitter rivals, and is expected to be a big football party – a very worthwhile end of the spring season. Who picks home the honor and the three important pins?

After the match a summer break is expected in a month, and Djurgården is currently in the lead behind top duo consisting of Malmö and Norrköping, which has six studs up to, but with a match less played than IFK.

It should be mentioned that the middle layer is tight in the series and it turns fast. Down to Hammarby, which is nia, is the distance of as little as three sticks.

As always before Stockholm’s cities, focus has been on DIF’s derbyspöke – 16 straight against AIK and Hammarby without any profit. Over six years ago. Still, the Blades are presented as plainly clear favorites; The 1X2 market is at the time of writing at 3.65-3.40-2.10.

Another snack is HIF’s brutal absenteeism before the match. Smárason and Magyar are shut off, Johan Persson and great star Jiloan Hamad injured. Certain doubts about Aidoo’s status.
Bethard stands out

With Hammarby’s huge problem in the squad – does it mean that the game value is on DIF? The sense; No. These numbers, such as 2.10 for the straight profit, do not attract games. Simply do not ignore that derbyspook. 16 matches!

Instead – goals, both ways?

The derby at Tele2 Arena is completely different from what it has been like on natural grass earlier; With fewer and less tough fighting moments. Greater focus on the technical. Since Hammarby’s return to Allsvenskan, the clubs have met on five occasions and both goals have been scored in both directions, as well as they crossed the 2.5-goal line.

Forward, as mentioned, Jiloan Hamad for the Bajen is missing and, of course, a big break, but goal production has turned on without him too. The BLGM game has played five matches in succession. Now last one played a draw, 2-2, against J-Södra at Tele2 Arena. The defensive is further thinned with the shutdown on the mid-range magyar.

Eskilstuna vs AIK: Betting Tips

No matter how much they deny it, it is obvious that there are brain ghosts of DIF players that influence strongly. The team may risk swearing and then it is easy to be punished. At the same time; Going forward, we must see it at the same time?

Bethard sets out 1.80 for the yes game on the BLGM market and it’s more than ten points better paid than most other bookies. Given the choice of games!

Eskilstuna vs AIK: Direct Matches

AIK win – Odds: 1.55
Over 2,5 goals – Odds: 2.00