Estoril Praia vs Rio Ave: Preview & Prediction

Quotas for victories two bands are quite close, guests will be slightly favorable, with a share of 2.45, while the January 1 share soloist is 3.15. And if we look on the developments of the two bands we realize that a bet on the outcome would be extremely risky. Therefore for Estoril Praia match between Rio Ave and I chose a tip based on the number of goals which I think will be a small one. See below my forecast but argued details and statistics about the two teams.

Estoril Praia

They are ranked 15th with 20 points after 23 rounds.
Only 5 victories achieved 3 others at home and two away.
All 5 times ended in a draw, and 4 of those draws came on foreign land.
They are so low because they have so many defeats, no less than 13 in number.
The attack is successful and only 17 ranked last 2 than they are ineffective.
Defense is something better, 11th in the Primeira Liga and earned 29 goals.

Rio Ave

Ranked 10th with 29 points after 23 rounds traveled.
The bulk of the points came from eight wins, the mule at home, meaning five of them.
The rest have acquired after 5 draws, 3 others at home and two away.
Unfortunately for them have suffered 10 defeats and why are so low in the rankings.
The offensive was quite productive, with 25 successful is 6th in the championship.
Defense is however quite low, only 11 to 29 goals that earned.

Estoril Praia vs Rio Ave: Direct Matches

18 times before they gave chest and Rio Ave is a clear advantage.
They won 10 games and Estoril Praia just 5 and 3 times ended in a draw.
But the last two such disputes hosts have won this match, away.
Their last victory was in the Cup side and it was a clear 3-0 at home.

Estoril Praia vs Rio Ave: Betting Tips

1X – Odds: 4/7 – UK / (1.57) – European
Over 1,5 goals – Odds 3/2 – UK / (1.50) – European


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