Europa League – Predictions

A competition that dates back to 1971, the UEFA Europa League consists of European football clubs battling it out for the glory of this beautiful game. With a new name and overall rebranding in 2009, the formally named Europa Cup has become a leading annual competition second only to the UEFA Champions League.

The highly competitive nature of the game and the importance of the Cup means it is eagerly followed by both fans and bettors. The Europa League betting odds are intensely analysed and eagerly discussed, often altering after every game. May 16, 2018, saw the final of the last season where Atletico Madrid went on to win against Marseille 3-0. There is quite some time before the 2018-19 final will be held in Baku, Azerbaijan on May 29, 2019, but the line-up for the group stages is shaping up nicely. Keeping this in mind, any prediction for the finals at this time can lead to significant disappointment. Nevertheless, it doesn’t harm to be prepared and here are four teams to keep a watch over the next few months.


Last year’s runner’s up, Marseille will be ready to give it all again this season having come so close to raising the cup. Since they came 4th in Ligue 1, they already have advanced to the group stages of the Europa League; however, it is not as simple as it looks. Keeping in view the recent incidents with supporters, Marseille has not only been fined but is also under probation for two years. Any mishap now can lead to them being banned from a European competition, and this makes betting on them a tricky affair. Their odds right now are at 20/1.


With the Champions League in sight, and the desire to redeem themselves after Atletico denied them a European final last year, Unai Emery will be focusing on getting his team ready to attack all guns blazing right from their first match. Both, the team and the manager, have a lot to prove, and this could provide just the right opportunity for them to stand out as the formidable force they once were. With pricing at 9/1, the odds are indeed in their favour right now.


Five-time winners, Sevilla remain a power to be reckoned with. At 16/1 to win, the team have disappointed its fans in La Liga, but that gives them more reason to hit back and take the title of the Europa League once again, marking their dominance in the continent.


As it stands, with a 7/1 odd, Chelsea are favourites to win the Europa League at this stage of the competition. Coming at fifth place in the Premier League, they missed out on the Champions League again this year and must fight their way through the Europa Cup to get back in. However, they are in excellent form, and despite the fact that experts were unsure about the winner between the two, they scored a reasonable 3-2 victory over Arsenal in their opening encounter.