Finland vs Ukraine: Preview & Prediction

Taste these numbers:

Finland – Liechtenstein: 1-1
Ukraine – Malta: 0-1

This is the country’s genre for this match. Two blueberries, one less than the other, and terrible results for both Finland and Ukraine. Friendly matches, absolutely, but still under all possible criticisms. Can not talk away.

In the qualification, however, Finland and Ukraine are in two completely different situations. The Finns are completely out of the championship discussion with only one picked-up stick after half qualifying, five games, and it is expected, even if the harvest could be desired significantly.

Ukraine? They are three and have two sticks up to two-Iceland, and Turkey’s hunters have a hack in the heel, with a worse goal difference. The prefix, it will be impossible to reach. Playoff – as absolute best. Most likely not even that. Does the main contributor to Turkey and Iceland appreciate.
Cramped, tight and a little anxious?

The first thought here was – loss of profit. Ukraine is the clearly stronger party and has more to play for. There are indisputable facts, but the question is; Attracts 1.91x for the straight two? Well, maybe a little bit. However, the big value is found in another market, the target market.

Starting with; Both parties come from unfaithful genre, where the lack of extinction in the offensive was the key issue.

This problem has had a good time since Finland and not in one of the last three qualifying matches, the net has been found; Two 0-1 losses and a 0-2-dito.

All in all, despite the fact that, in practice, they do not have anything to play for, Finland will come out with a defensive approach against a stronger opponent. Hasse Backe associate wants to save, at least strengthen his reputation? Hardly flat here.

Even Ukraine is ridiculously idle, which seemed in the 0-1 loss against Malta. On that, the last two qualifying matches have contained only one goal each.

Cramped, tight and a little anxious?

Finland vs Ukraine: Direct Matches

12.11.16 WC Ukraine Finland 1 : 0

Finland vs Ukraine: Betting Tips

Ukraine win – Odds: 1.80
Over 2 goals – Odds: 1.99