Fluminense Rio Janeiro vs. Criciuma SC: Preview & Prediction

In Brazil, the Ligiftrieb is not yet back, regional championships, regional pokal and the regional pokal first before. Fluminense, who landed on a weak 13th place in league 1 last season, made the difference in the first two cups with 2 and 3 goals against amateur clubs and were able to spare a second game. In the regional championship it has also been running well so far, in the Guanabana the final has been reached and there also defeated in the Elfers shooting Flamengo. The first title is there, even though there is a lack of training possibilities of the fixed kind. Because the team as a home has the Maracanastadion and the environment around it, but this rotts so after the World Cup to itself and it cooks just once again a corruption scandal because of its construction. This is the place where Guilette Gautinho will be staged, so that a few spectators will be able to reach the small oval just outside of Rio. Sporty, however, is hardly noticeable, but the team came against a sub-class and sub-class opponents to a 9-3-1 row, against was against third-league Internacional.

Criciuma is also underclassified and plays in the 2nd league. The one in Catarina has not yet begun and besides, as also various other competitions are played. Since the team was just entering the 2nd phase, after the first phase was completed with a 4-1-4 series. The team has only been more or less complete for 2 weeks, Douglas Moreira
Edson or Eduardo have also resurfaced. New additions were among other things the first league runners Ricardinho and Caio Rangel and now it is so slowly become serious. Lastly, there was a 0-2 defeat against the newly-formed Copa Sudamericanagewinner team Chapecoense, in the first game a more than honorable 1: 1 was reached, where alone Ianson would actually have to shoot 3 goals. Instead, Cricium ran behind a residue, which Alex Maranaho compensated and thus the chances of a continuation still very open held ..

Normally it should be enough for the first league against the last 8th of the second league. Normal. But normal is nothing in the trophy. Therefore, I am once again surprising to a surprise. A big.

Fluminense Rio Janeiro vs. Criciuma SC: Betting Tips

Fluminense win – Odds: 1.40
Over 2,5 goals – Odds: 1.67

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