SC Freiburg – 1.FC Cologne – Neighbors on the table close this round of Bundesliga and considering that occupy a position in the top half of the table and both can certainly be satisfied with the performance of the season. However, Cologne showed more so even though it is only one place above Freiburg on the table, have sensory six points more. It is interesting that both teams enrolled at eight wins, however, Cologne much more frequently made draw than lose, while in Freiburg vice versa. It is also important to say that Freiburg received twice as many goals so far, which is not surprising when you consider that the Cologne defense third best in the league. Freiburg in the season has a victory and two defeats, while Cologne two wins and a draw, with Tuesday dropped from the Cup. In the first season of the Cologne smoothly won with 3: 0, but because of Freiburg without winning more than 20 years.

SC Freiburg

Hold Freiburg somewhere around the middle of the table and when it is known that on the eve of this round had ten points over the relegation zone, it is clear that they are very close to his goal this season, and that is survival among the best. Especially good is Freiburg at home and there are six wins and only two at home, although they achieve the same goals in their stadium and outside it. They are very hard and some defeats suffered unfortunate, as was the case in the match against Bayern in three rounds when they are received in the finish and lost the second goal.

After that they won with the same 2: 1, this season an awkward Hertha, while in the last round in Monchengladbach defeated with 3: 0, but the result of a little cheating, because 20 minutes before the end had a 0: 0 in the finish are loose. After the victory over Hertha, problems with injuries dictated the composition of the coach Streich for the match against Borussia and was without three important players, stopper Torrejon, and midfielders Hofler and Philippa. Now that all three should be ready for performance, while still out right side P.Stenzel and stopper Kempf.

Probable lineups Freiburg: Schwolow – Kubler, Torrejon, Soyuncu, C.GUNTER – Frantz, Abrashi – Philipp, Grifo, Haberer – Petersen

1.FC Cologne
Cologne is in the fight for European positions and it is for this team enough that I can say that the season a success, regardless of whether the end really carve European league. Credit points they no Champions League is not too far, but it would still be a little too much and the current seventh place is a much more objective and easy to keep it, unless consecutive defeats. In the second part of the season did not experience any until Tuesday and details Cup, in which they appeared at HSV and there were defeated by 2: 0, so that they will remain until the end of the season only the primary obligations.

Too bad for this defeat, because it interrupted a beautiful series of six games in which not head bowed leave the court, but a series looking at only shall preferably not interrupted, and it can provide additional motivation for this match. Looking at the composition, it can be said that the Cup had a great desire to go further, as only three of them rested in comparison to the team that in the last round of priority beat Wolfsburg, but received early goal in Hamburg and outplayed in that match. Now the team returned Hoger, Clemens and Bittencourt but team will be exactly the same as in the victory over Wolfsburg 1: 0th

Probable lineups Cologne: Kessler – Olkowski, Sorensen, Heintz, Rausch – Hoger, J.Hector – Clemens, Bittencourt – Modeste, Osaka

SC Freiburg – 1.FC Cologne TIP

Freiburg is quite good at home this season, and usually do not play bad, while Cologne and even better them the husband and the biggest opponent tradition of poor results at this guest appearance. All together it could be even match, but certainly with a few goals in line with what the teams have so far demonstrated.

Our prediction:

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