Fulham vs. Ipswich: Preview & Prediction

England, Second League

After Fulham, with the agonizing 1: 0 in Rotherham, who have already climbed and only 17 points in the season, finally made the leap to a playoff place for Fulham, it was a weekend with the miserable 2: 4 in Derby On the cap, and continued the trembling faint games. For Craven Cottage 1: 3 against the Wolves, there was no home win against Blackburn in the 2-2. Now it is again 7th place and this is not a playoff place, Sheffield has brought back 2 points better. Now on Thursday the loan agreement for third-party star Shrewsbury with Jack Grimmer and Stephen Humphries were terminated and the two are back in Fulham and are to help to revive the offensive. One is currently wondering how Fulham managed to win in Newcastle, currently the form and the way of playing is simply a horror. 17-13-10 is the total row, after 0-2-1 from the last 3 home games, the already average home series is now even more average 8-7-5 grown.

The former Europapokalchampion from the coast can still win. What a miracle, before the 3-0 in the game against Wigan on the venerable Portman Road brought the Tractor Boys on a curious 0-7-1 row (1-8-1 from the last 10 before Wigan) The many draws ensure For the Tiotel Remisking of the league, were also necessary, because so far Ipswich has not been away from the descent places. Now the 11-16-13 total row is sufficient for 17th place with now 9 points advance to a descent place, with still six days of play normally should be enough. Away there was a 4-6-9 (0-3-1 last, 1-4-1 from the last 6) and also with currently miserable Fulham should be something in it. Although Jonas Knudsen and Stephen Taylor are missing for the rest of the season, Cole Skuse and Tom Lawrence are back in the game. In Fulham, Ipswich has not yet lost this year, but there were only 3 games from which Ipswich last and Before last season 2-1 win and Anno 2001 gabs times a 1: 1. Maybe the series will stop.

Fulham vs. Ipswich: Direct Matches

26.12.16 CHA Ipswich Fulham 0 : 2
19.04.16 CHA Ipswich Fulham 1 : 1
15.12.15 CHA Fulham Ipswich 1 : 2
14.02.15 CHA Fulham Ipswich 1 : 2
09.08.14 CHA Ipswich Fulham 2 : 1

Fulham vs. Ipswich: Betting Tips

Fulham win – Odds: 1.60
Over 2,5 goals – Odds: 1.80