IFK Göteborg vs Örebro: Preview & Prediction

There is a chaos in IFK Gothenburg.

After the horrible half-time at Behrn Arena last week – the half-finished finish with four goals against Örebro SK – club leadership simply could not sit still without acting. They had to get rid of coach Jörgen Lennartsson who had very hard time getting his team to perform the whole season.

Even though IFK Göteborg is a big club with Swedish goals, it has not been seen this season in any way. The association has major financial concerns, sports director Mats Gren seems generally lost and the team has underperformed the worst. After half the season we will find Blue White on site number eleven in the table. Currently, 16 (!) Points up to the gold. It is in the light of the club leadership feeling that the team needed a change.

That Jörgen Lennartsson now got his foot and replaced with former assistant coach Alf Westerberg makes the prerequisites for Sunday’s match against Örebro – the other in just one week – look quite different. One kind of reaction is to wait, but will it be positive or negative? That is the core issue before the match, at least from our point of view.
A game-like counter reaction to wait

It is generally known that a coach change usually has quite immediate effects on team performance. Rarely do we see a new team fighting for each other and the new coach, often to consolidate the dissatisfaction with the former coach. Not too rarely, we see a lost team whose game idea and attitude are inadequate. Where can we wait IFK Göteborg in this match is a bit unclear.

However, after 4-0 in half in Örebro last week, we dare to believe in a Blåvitt with a new focus. Here, it is about returning to the basics, giving priority to the defense game and simply getting rid of it. Alf Westerberg is a classic 4-4-2 coach who is skilled at just such things, and the team’s focus is expected to be right there. With Mattias Bjärsmyr – this year’s very weak midfield – the central defense will look different in this match. In addition, the new acquisition Kristopher Da Gracia and the talent Patrik Karlsson Lagemyr are in the food group, although they may be necessary injections.

Örebro’s focus is on interfering and pushing Blåvitt as much as possible. It is a dream setting for the guests here. Going to Old Ullevi with the knowledge that Blåvitt has a new coach and that Örebro broke IFK Göteborg as late as last week. Unfortunately, Örebro is a team that is clearly weaker on the runway, has a hard time for grass and has a remarkable ability to mix high with low in its performance.

We are waiting for a careful home team that does not take any risks. We are waiting for a go-ahead that goes to the west coast with scoring ambitions and not going to give away for free. A slight counter reaction to the target discharge seems to be reasonable.

IFK Göteborg vs Örebro: Betting Tips

Goteborg win – Odds: 1.75
Over 2,5 goals – Odds: 1.65