Greve vs Bronshoj: Preview & Prediction

The game scheduled to start at 16:00 will be played on the Greve Idraets Center in Greve and has a definite favorite, it’s the guest band. The Unibet betting house gives them a small share for a 1.45 victory and although it may be worth playing, I will not bet on it because the visiting team has only 2 wins in the last 8 games. So I changed, and for the match between Greve and Bronshoj I chose a goal based on the number of goals and I think the chances of him being the winner are great. In the following you will find information about the two teams but also my arguable prognosis.


He is in the last place, the 12th, in the play-off for promotion with 15 points after 20 rounds.
He crosses a very weak form and has lost 9 of the last 10 games.
Even home does not go better because he has 8 defeats in the last 9 matches.
He has the second weakest offensive with 17 and the weakest defense with 45 goals.


It occupies the 10th position in this play-off and has 21 points after 20 rounds.
He’s in a pretty good shape because he has won 3 of the last 5 games.
Travels do not get him because he lost them on 5 of the previous 7.
The attack is 7th and has 26 successes, and the defense is penultimate with 40 goals received.

Greve vs Bronshoj: Direct Matches

They have been confronted 10 times and Greve is the advantageous band.
She has 5 wins, and Bronshoj has 2 and three times finished in draw.
This season they met once and Greve was forced to move by 3-2.
The other disputes are very old, at least 6 years old, and it was one in the Cup and the rest in the same league they are still in.

Greve vs Bronshoj: Betting Tips

Bronshoj win – Odds: 1.50
Over 2,5 goals – Odds: 1.50