Gyirmot FC vs. Videoton FC: Preview & Prediction

The tables lastly from the vicinity of Györ has come quite properly from the OPUSchen after the national game break. In the home game, MTK was defeated and also in Drebrecen was in the 1: 2 more in it. In any case, the team has grown stronger after the winter break thanks to improved personnel and two defensive defenses, as the remarkable cross-competitor 2-6-3 series after Winterpuase proves. With these points, the team has also managed to finish the semi-final round, at least 19 points 4-7-14 overall and only 13 goals scored, but the trend is pointing upwards. With a 2-2-1 row, the home game in the Alcufererstadion was improved (3-2-7 in total) .Bitter the exit in the Cup quarter-final without defeat and only thanks to the away goals against the Ligue Mezokovesdi.

For Videoton from Szekesferhavar, the national game was unfortunate, as only one point from 2 games was achieved, and thanks to his own victory, Honved was in the top of the table. 2 points is Videoton’s backlog, so is hardly worrying. Especially the 1-2 against the VASAS supervised by Michael Oenning was very weak, especially since Videoton had also several times overshooting, because Vasas cashed twice red. Lazovoc on Videoton side but in between, he is also missing here. 13-6-6 is the total row abroad, there were last two dreary zero numbers and also here the team is wzar favorite, but in the advance will hardly work. Although the biggest trump card is certainly the best league offense with 50 goals already. With 4-5-3, the away row is not particularly good for a top team.

Both previous games won Videoton this season clearly 4-0, currently I do not think this is possible, on the contrary, a Ü-Ei should be in it.

Gyirmot FC vs. Videoton FC: Direct Matches

05.11.16 OTP Videoton Gyirmot SE 4 : 0
07.08.16 OTP Gyirmot SE Videoton 0 : 4
09.11.11 CUP Gyirmot SE Videoton 2 : 4
07.09.11 CUP Videoton Gyirmot SE 4 : 2
18.10.06 HC Gyirmot SE Videoton 5 : 4
(3 : 3)

Gyirmot FC vs. Videoton FC: Betting Tips

Videoton win – Odds: 1.50
Over 2,5 goals – Odds: 1.95