Derby time part 2 in the 5th round of the Scottish FA Cup, after the 0-0 on February 12, it is the repeat game with exchanged home right. This is the title of the second league table leader Hibs receives the first-lucky Hearts in the Edinburgh local derby. As in the previous season, there was a 2-2 draw at Hearts Heimrecht in the first duel, the repeat game decided the Hibs 1-0 and one red card for each team.

In spite of the differences in the league, the starting position was rather the same, with the Hearts finally having the curiosity, after 4: 1 with the great Invincible Celtic smooth 4: 1 the Rangers in the last home game to bring and also from Motherwell a 3-0. This was followed by the first cup of the Hibs against the Hibs, and on the weekend the power was only a 1: 1 in the home game against the last-placed Inverness.

What is true for Celtic Glasgow in the premier above is also true for the Hibs down in the Championship. They try to ascend for a few years, but it did not work out, the Rangers were the last. Still, the Hibs are the leaders of the table, 7 points ahead of Dundee, and with 5 wins and 4 draws, the Hibs have shown in the last games that they want high. A light 8: 1 at the Bonncligg amateurclub and with 27 previous outpoints, the Hibs have achieved more points than in home games (22 in 11 home games).

In the actual game it was highly balanced with chances on the other side. The same thing should be expected here, too, that I will say that it will be a long evening.

Our prediction:

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