Hull City vs Sunderland: Preview & Prediction

Hull City could not survive long in the path of victory. The next task back there when dealing with Sunderland. The visitors carry a similar mission so the celebration at KC Stadium tomorrow will be interesting.

Hull could swallow two consecutive defeats and managed to rise thanks to a wholesale 4 goals from Bolton goalkeeper. However, the party was rewarded with a massacre at the Derby headquarters last Saturday (9/9). Hull believes to be back soon because Wolves are the only team to win at KC, while Burton and Bolton are compactly surrendered with an 8-1 aggregate. For now they are still scattered in the order of 15 with a value of 7.

Meanwhile, Sunderland points have not changed since the third week game. Wednesday (13/9) yesterday they swallowed a fourth successive defeat due to 0-1 surrender of Nottingham Forest. Interestingly, The Black Cats actually appear fierce in away games. The team was unbeaten in 3 domestic matches, winning twice, before beating Bolton 3-0 at the end of August. Now they’ve slipped to the order of 20 with a value of 5.

Last season Sunderland claimed 2 counter Hull with 5-0 aggregate, 2 goals taken at KC Stadium. It became the worst reporter of The Tigers after a 3-0 win and a 1-1 draw at various local events.

Hull City vs Sunderland: Betting Tips

Hull City win – Odds: 2.10
Over 2,5 goals – Odds: 2.05