An entertaining encounter on this day of Saturday is the one that will play Inter and Pescara for a new date of the Italian Serie A.


In my opinion, the Neroazurri table is a favorite because of the local factor and especially because of the difference of hierarchy between one campus and another. However, if we consider that it is very complicated in offense, we advise you to play a few euros to the bet “Inter plus 6.5 corners”. Remember that the visit could pose a tactical match in which fold lines and yield many corner loot.

Take into account that Inter has been fulfilling a good campaign in the Italian tournament, despite having started irregularly. He has added 7 wins in a row, improving since the arrival of coach Pioli. At the moment it has 39 units in the table, being placed to 5 to be able to classify to the previous phase of the next Champions League (3 ° position occupied by the Napoli).


On the other hand do not forget that the neroazurri box often has problems scoring in his field, being known for getting many corner kicks in their matches. Suffice it to check on the latter (18 in the 3-0 triumph against Crotone, 7 in the 4-2 victory against Fiorentina, 5 in the 2-0 victory against Genoa, 6 in the 3-0 victory against Lazio and 12 in the 3-1 win against Chievo).

Continuing with the analysis you should know that Pescara is not well at this duel after losing 1-3 to Sassuolo as a local and remain in the last position of the general table (20th place with 9 units). It has obtained 1 point of the last 15 disputed, being the main candidate to lose the category.

To finish we tell you that the visit has yielded several corners in the exits that disputed before rivals of great hierarchy (5 in the defeat 3-0 against Juventus, 8 in the fall 3-2 against Roma and 6 in the Defeat 3-1 to Napoli).


After reviewing the details of this comparison I play for the bet “Inter plus 6.5 corners” due to the following reasons: First because Inter is an offensive team by nature, but little effective against the goal compared to everything generate. Second because neroazurris always get between 3 to 5 corners per stage, even reaching between 6 to 8 in their matches. It is known to be a set that is not usually speculated when it acts at home. And third, because Pescara, whether it is a limited set of actions, can close its lines and reject the balls to the corner. Given this reality, we believe that Inter can take the time to score and achieve this pick.

Our prediction:

Prediction:Over 3,5 goals
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