Iran vs China: Preview & Prediction

Iran with 5 goals scored and none conceded after 6 matches has already collected 14 points. He wanted to follow the legacy of Mies Van der Rohe. Iran’s defensive potential has been widely known since the Portuguese took over, but since then they have also been short in attack. However, it is no longer because of lack of talent because there is some emerging quality and to take solid steps in Europe.

Iran has alternated solid exhibitions with some more suffering. Against Syria, in Malaysia and against Qatar at home was where they played worse, having in the latter had a tremendous luck with a toast from the catari nets to end the game. But on the last round they could, for example, have wiped out the same Qatar – but they’ve wasted countless counterattacking occasions in numerical superiority – or homebreaking against the Koreans.

China with Lippi improved a lot, so they could have beaten Qatar and won a deserved victory against the Koreans – a huge feat to have a notion, has been inseparable in over 40 years. Now they are going away to face one of the most powerful selections of the continent and with some hope to fight for the playoff since Syria obtained a brilliant victory – that also puts them in the race – on Uzbekistan.

No casualties compared to the last match on both sides.

Iran can virtually stamp the way to the next round with a win over the Chinese, against the more than 100,000 fans in the Azadi. It is true that China has improved a lot with Lippi, the Chinese are, when well commanded, working players and parking a bus is not the most difficult tasks in football.

The worst is to counterattack with quality and then China has no big arguments being the most capable player Wu Lei who in the selection does not have the same performance as in Shanghai. But parking can do it with quality and this can always bear fruit.

Iran vs China: Direct Matches

A one-way game is expected as were the other two of the Chinese across borders in which they lost no pimples in Uzbekistan and 3-2 (flattering) with the Koreans. It is true that without Lippi but the Italian is not magic either. Even if it is corner or 3 strokes I think the Iranian goal will happen under these conditions because the pressure will be constant – and as I said with little hypothesis of the Chinese stretch game. So it’s in the Iranian victory that I’m going to take a chance.

Now is the time to choose an odd Portuguese house. Well my bet was the AH-1 “out there” at 2.10. Here the person who has the pseudo Asian Handicap is pt … now let’s see the odd and …. “Hocus pocus” … .. 1.80 – which magic blow expensive houdini – the simple victory walks between 1.60 and 1.68 “outside” and to 1.51. So let’s go where the batter is smaller.

Iran vs China: Betting Tips

Iran win – Odds: 1.60
Over 2 goals – Odds: 1.85