Ireland vs Austria: Preview & Prediction

Austria is suffering from important absence to this struggle – particularly offensive where Must be without the star Arnautovic. (See trupnyt)
Ireland is good at the group, while Austria has to hunt points. It is good for Ireland to let Austria take the initiative. (* 1)
The Ireland squad is up for this match for a long time and has 2 preparatory matches, while Austria meets in training camps and no matches before.
Ireland has suffered from absence in several of the recent matches (also recent ones), but may make a strong squad this time.
Ireland won the reverse showdown in the 0-1 group in Austria, which was a very good result and must give confidence.
Although Ireland has to be injured, Coleman states, he is in the locker room and on the sidelines to instill play for the players.
The atmosphere of the Austria squad is not at the top, with manager Koller highly dissatisfied with the players’ priority of club matches and private things.
Ireland’s squad consists of many powerful players who have all played many matches for their clubs this season. (* 2)

Ireland was lucky to win the reverse showdown when Austria sat completely in the game and also hit the overlayer.
The Austrian manager’s outbursts of anger can bring a positive reaction from the players on the pitch.
Ireland must miss an extremely important man in the defender / rightback Coleman, who is both playful and mentally important to the team.
Ireland will be well pleased with the draw in this showdown and thus need not bet forward in the match.
Austria has the largest star Alaba in the world, which alone can create the struggle for Austria’s advantage.
Since this is a very early game, the bookmaker’s repayment rate is also very low. Several places in the early 90’s.
Ireland plays 2 preparatory matches before this showdown and may be unfortunate to run into new injuries, etc.

Ireland vs Austria: Direct Matches

12.11.16 WC Austria Ireland 0 : 1
10.09.13 WC Austria Ireland 1 : 0
26.03.13 WC Ireland Austria 2 : 2
05.09.95 EUR Austria Ireland 3 : 1
10.06.95 EUR Ireland Austria 1 : 3

Ireland vs Austria: Betting Tips

1X – Odds: 1.35
Over 2 goals – Odds: 1.80