ITALY U20 – ZAMBIA U20 PREDICTION (05.06.2017)

ITALY U20 – ZAMBIA U20 PREDICTION (05.06.2017)

Italy U20 vs Zambia U20: Preview & Prediction

3 of Zambia’s 4 matches have exceeded 2.5 goals. The opponent has scored in all 4. Overall goal score: 9-7. Last 3-3 against Germany (4-3 via extended).
Zambia has made nice comeback twice, turned 0-2 to 4-2 against Iran and 0-1 to 3-1 against Germany – then got back to 3-3.
The Zambians are aiming, challenging and shooting strong. And I expect them to push higher than the French who were strangely passive to Italy.
At the same time, the defense is absolute to talk to. Has committed 3 penalty and some free kick. And, for example, closed 2 goals against Germany in the last 5 minutes.
Italy showed counter-strength (2-1 win) against France in the 1/8 final and – as in the 2-2 group match against Japan – turning deadbolts, including chance-solving throws.
The Italian wings, Panico and especially Orsolini on the right, have been adept at pulling in the field and finishing the posts from the opposite side.
The Italian defender has closed goals in 3 out of 4 matches and should have collected more than 1 against Uruguay who had several great chances.
France came several times on the wing against Italy. Missing people in front, but Zambia has been good at filling people in the field.

Italy was defensively sound against tournament favor France did not come at many dangerous chances (though some: Italians committed punishment).
The azure also played very similarly, a lot of episodes across and backwards. And do so in this battle too.
That is, the Zambians probably have to venture something if the match is to be opened. They have been risky so far, but may be back because of the contravention.
It is an important knock or fall battle that may be affected by nerves.
Germany at the start of the game had a good game of Zambia through hard games. Italy can be inspired.
Italy goalkeeper Zaccagno looked out to Japan, but made it good for Uruguay (could not stop a nice free kick) and France.
Italy played Thursday. Zambia played Wednesday – Africans have had more payback time. On the other hand they played 120 min.
There played in Suwon where Italy played 2 out of 3 group matches, and where Zambia has not yet played.

Italy U20 vs Zambia U20: Direct Matches

Italy U20 win – Odds: 2.45
Over 2,5 goals – Odds: 2.30