A striking match in this Wednesday’s match will be held by Juventus and Atalanta for a new round of the Italian Cup.

In my opinion, the bianconero box is a favorite because of the collective and offensive potential it has, which can keep it playing with an alternate or alternate eleven. For this reason and even when his rival is competitive in his actions, we advise you to play a few euros to the bet “Juventus will score more 1.5 goals”. Allegri boys are expected to take advantage of the premises to liquidate the key.

Take into account that Juventus arrives well to this duel after beating 3-0 to Bologna like local and to remain firm like leader of Italian Calcio. It is expected that the team will have some variants in the eleven holder. However, the local factor may play in your favor.

On the other hand do not forget that the bianconero box has won every game that has played in his stadium for the Italian tournament, winning 10 wins in a row (27 goals in favor and 6 on his fence). Before beating Bologna, they had beaten Pescara 3-0, Atalanta 3-1 and Roma 1-0 in a tight duel.

Continuing with the analysis you must know that Atalanta comes from thrashing 1-4 to Chievo as a visitor, adding two wins in a row and reaching the 35 points in the general table. He is making a great campaign, recovering from a bad streak he had in December. Their objective is to be regular and to be able to classify the Europa League or even to the previous phase of the Champions.

Now to finish we tell you that the visit is the best team of this condition in the Calcio, product of 5 wins, 2 equalities and 3 drops in total (15 goals scored and 10 ceded on your fence). It comes from falling 3-1 against Juventus, equaling 0-0 against Milan and beating Chievo as already mentioned.

In front of this panorama I play for the bet “Juventus scores more 1.5 goals” due to the following reasons: First because Juventus is a solid and strong team in its action, being feasible to maintain possession so coach Allegri make variants in The initial alignment. Second because the “Vecchia Signora” is a very powerful team as a local, standing out for always scoring goals before his people. He is expected to be able to ratify this scoring average once again. And third, because Atalanta, whether they play the starters or the substitutes, may end up losing by punctual plays or defensive errors caused by Juve pressure. It is expected a 2-0 or 2-1 minimum for the bianconeros.

Our prediction:

Monaco to win

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