Juventus vs Real Madrid: Preview & Prediction

The day that is worth a season now is at the door. Juventus, after winning Italy cup and championship pointing to the triplet, after seven years from that black-blue. Real, however, after winning the championship with a challenge lasting until the last day against Barcelona, ​​plays for history, for the twelfth, a real record.

We start from Juventus who has easily won the championship that is already a record. No one in history has won the league for 6 consecutive times. As if that is not the case, the Tim Cup is too, but the trophy waiting for everyone, including fans, is the fateful Champions League that is missing for 21 years. Buffon is looking for him, who has lost 2 finals in 3 years, I know this could be his last chance, but the merit is no doubt Allegri’s lead. At the first season, he focused on the Champions League, but the Champions League final also lost to Barcelona. This season, there was a return, with the turn of the turn against the Catalans. A final that is worth 129 million regardless of the outcome. It is already a success, but it is undoubtedly necessary to bring home this cup that has almost become an obsession. Team that will be deployed with the usual 4-2-3-1 with Dani Alves who knows these matches very well and wants to bring home the yet another trophy of his rich board.

Real who with Zidane really surprised everyone. Last year, in fact, came the Champions, the “eleventh”, and today they want to repeat themselves, but faced a very strong team and who wants (perhaps more than them) to win this trophy. Also this year he also won the championship, a trophy that had been missing for 6 years and so much felt by the Blanco fans. Ronaldo has always been the best in these occasions, and is undoubtedly the most feared player in the white retrograde. Zidane, former Juventus, will try to retrieve Bale, who is still in doubt.

Juventus vs Real Madrid: Betting Tips

Numerous, but also balanced, precedents. Let’s remember that 2 years ago, Champions semi-finals, Turin 2-1 while in Madrid 1-1, a race that will then lead to the final lost against Barcelona in Berlin. But today it is a dry race, totally different from the previous one, even though we do not hide the difficulty in this predicament that is far from off. The teams know very well, but it is difficult to stop the two attacks, so the goal seems to be offset by a final that we believe will run out in the 90’s.

Juventus vs Real Madrid: Direct Matches

1X – Odds: 1.50
Over 2 goals – Odds: 1.80