Kjellerup vs FC Midtjylland: Preview & Prediction

Midtjylland (SL) prioritises trophy and comes with strong line against Kjellerup (2nd div). Kjellerup beat Lyngby out in the last round, and FCM will probably rotate, but the match is played in Silkeborg, which is an advantage for FCM.

It speaks for the game:

FCM (SL) priorierer trophy this year when you can not reach it big in the league * 1
FCM has taken something of strongest squad, although there probably will change as compared to Friday’s 1-1
Kjellerup belonging to two rows below FCM in the second division, as it has gained promotion to
The game is played on Silkeborg ground, which is greater than Kjellerups normal home, which not only eliminates the home advantage, but rather is an advantage for FCM * 2
FCM is already well underway with the season and have had plenty of grass underfoot
Kjellerups startup has been mainly against lower ranked teams, and we must now up in a completely different tempo

What to watch for:

FCM is likely to rotate a portion of the starting line-up, even if the taken-squad is strong
Kjellerup beat Lyngby in the last round in a wild comeback from 0-3 to 4-3 (except at home in Kjellerup)
It is the year’s battle for Kjellerup, who will die with their boots on
Kjellerup have an exciting team with previous profiles from higher level in Røll and Bang and came earned in the promotion play in the 2nd division

Kjellerup vs FC Midtjylland: Betting Tips

2/2 HT/FT – Odds: 2/5 – UK / (1.40) – European
Over 2,5 goals – Odds 3/8 – UK / (1.40) – European


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