Korona Kielce vs. Ruch: Preview & Prediction

The 8th against the 13th thus a relegation duel and home will win. The question is only the guest as always a goal in the distance or does Korona have to do everything alone for my over?

SSSSS of Korna 3: 0/2: 1/4: 2/2: 0/4: 1/2: 1

SUSNSN of Ruch 0: 1/0: 0/1: 3/4: 3/0: 4/2: 1

So it looks like both goal, home wins and in the end even more than 3+ in the game, but this spark must still come over. Because as always in football, neutralization is harmful in the game, just as the chances of winning and no team always guarantees a 3+! “I’m going to be the first player to win this game,” he said

If you have a SSSSSS at home, you do not have to win against the bottom third at home -> Atalanta, who gets a 1.38 for the victory or less in the distance is favored by the bookmakers, but not automatically favorite -> Inter Milan, Barcelona.

And so it can happen here that my tip is wrong, is Poland, but can happen in any other league.

To the selection I had Guimaraes B and Basakhesihr with Over but Monday is not my day.

View CL / EL in the week:

Dortmund GG
Juventus 3-
Ateltico 1
Bayern 3+

Ajax GG
Anderlecht DCX2
Celta 1
Lyon 3+

Good luck and everything comes as it must come

Korona Kielce vs. Ruch: Direct Matches

24.10.16 EKS Ruch Korona Kielce 4 : 0
01.12.15 EKS Ruch Korona Kielce 2 : 1
03.08.15 EKS Korona Kielce Ruch 1 : 2
08.05.15 EKS Korona Kielce Ruch 0 : 2
17.04.15 EKS Korona Kielce Ruch 0 : 0

Korona Kielce vs. Ruch: Betting Tips

Korona Kielce win – Odds: 2.10
Over 2,5 goals – Odds: 1.95