Italy completed the quarterfinale of Coppa Italia. On Wednesday, the two before last round of the last 16 games will be held, among other things in the Olympiastadion of Rome to the duel between Lazio Rome and the CFC Genoa. The Laziali are favorites and want to fulfill this role as well.

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Lazio Rome is in a good fourth place in Serie A. The Juventus leader is five points, but the Romans have already completed a game more than the Old Lady. The championship is not really the goal, even if in the blue part of the capital no one would object to a scudetto. The participation in the Champions League next season would certainly be a success, but Lazio would have to be at least third. And the Champions League qualifying position three is absolutely within reach with only one count down. Even the city rivals AS Roma on second place has only four points ahead. Behind Lazio the two Milan clubs as well as Atalanta Bergamo with three, four and five points still have their hoofs. There is therefore an exciting battle for the European Cups. The dress rehearsal at the weekend Lazio Rome against Atalanta Bergamo has ever existed. At home the Laziali won 2-1, after being relatively late with 0: 1. Lazio Rome celebrated their fourth victory in the last five games. Only in Inter Milan, they had to accept a defeat in the last five games, which was again a good 3-0. But away from home the team is not as strong as at home. Even if Lazio Rome have a positive 4-3-2 record, the 8-1-2 home game looks much better. The last three home games have won Lazio Rome all.

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The dress rehearsal of Genoa was not only unsuccessful, she also went into his pants properly. With the Cagliari Calcio ascent, the team lost 1: 4 to the start of the previous round. For Genoa, this was also the fourth failure in a row. Through this negative series, Genoa moved down from the table to the descent, but despite the fifteen place still 13 points ahead of the first descent place eighteen. Looking only the away games of the FC Genoa, the defeat at Cagliari were the third away row in Serie and the seventh away in a row without victory. Overall six of these last seven games on the opponent’s place has lost Genoa. Among them was the 3-1 defeat at Lazio Rome on 20.11.2016. Overall, Genoa has a 2-1-7-away outlook in Serie A. Unlike Lazio, Genoa had already been through two trophies, and the club was struggling against lower-class opponents at home. Against the Lecce amateur club, Genoa retained the upper hand in the third round, with the outsider even 2-1 in the meantime. In the fourth round, Genoa even had to extend to the Serie B club Perugia, but ended up finishing 4: 3. To the last two performances at Lazio, Genoa has no such good memories. Not only the game in the Serie A this season was lost, even in the last season Genoa lost in the capital with 0: 2. Prior to that, however, Genoa won four games in a row at Lazio.

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