Le Mont vs. FC Zürich: Preview & Prediction

After the descent after x-years, the FCZ of course, the immediate return to the Oberhaus envisaged. So far, it is quite neat, with many so-called experts with a much larger advantage in the table have counted, as he is currently with 7 points on Xamax. Nevertheless, the overall rankings of the Züricher with 17-5-1 is already very good, last the team fetched 14 from 18 points after the only failure in Geneva so far. With Chiumiento, Nuthatch, Kryeziu, 3 players are not injured, winter is blocked and question marks are still available at Buff and Kecojevic. Away from home, the Zurich side have also made a very good 9-2-1 series (4-0-1 last). In addition to the defeat in Genf, there was also a defeat in the Cup and the defeat in the quarterfinale (1: 3). This is not the Zurich team next year internationally, that succeeded with the cup victory despite descent in the last season. Zurich stayed there well and was finished third behind Villareal and Osmali in the EL group stage, but then just failed.

The village club Le Mont has also held up well this year so far. 5th place is so far, however, Zurich has more than twice as many points as the villagers, Le Mont has only set up a 7-9-10 overall row so far. In the meantime, it is only 7 points ahead of the only descent place, so even more points Are required. Finally, Le Mont won 3 games (0-2-1) against the second Xamax in the last home game at the Stade Sousville in Baulmes, where the villages play their home games. Bengondo is missing here, Feuillassier, Kostadinovic and Savic are injured here. The 1-2 against Xamax brought the home row to a balanced 4-4-4, before reaching 7 points from 3 home games and before that was lost in 8 homeparties only once (4-3-1).

Le Mont vs. FC Zürich: Direct Matches

Both previous seasons were very tough for the Zurichers. In the first game a 2-0 win was made in the home game, but only 1: 1 in the home game, where Le Mont even led a long time. Zurich is highly favored, but it will not happen in the past, and that’s always the risk that opponents are underestimated. You can, but you do not have to, at times on a surprise set.

Le Mont vs. FC Zürich: Betting Tips

Zurich win – Odds: 1.50
Over 2,5 goals – Odds: 1.70