Good game, is what brings us the 15th day of the German Bundesliga, when at the Red Bull Arena, the surprising Leipzig come out to rediscover the victory, when he receives the visit of a hard and complicated picture like Hertha Berlin.

Ralph Hasenhuttl, the RB Leipzig squad have been the protagonists of the Bundesliga and they are not leaders with Bayern Munich.

Of course, for this game, everyone wants to see how they will react, having achieved their first defeat in the season, which has been before one of the coleros of the tournament as is Ingolstadt, who beat him 1-0, and The advantage they have is that they now play at home, where they have added five victories and one draw since the start of the competition.

For their part, those led by Pal Dardai are also making a good season, something already typical in a Hertha always accustomed to fighting posts in Europe.

Like her rival, Hertha is also beaten after a 0-1 defeat at home to Werder Bremen, a defeat that did not allow her to approach the leaders, who lead him a six-point lead.

It is true that the game is complicated and for many a reserved forecast and more when they want to see what will be the reaction of the new tenant of the Bundesliga, but while the latter is very true, we trust the victory of Leipzig, play with his People, where she has done very well this season and besides that Hertha of visit does not have good numbers, to the point that it has gained one of its five visits in the Bundesliga.

Our prediction:

Leipzig win
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