Macedonia – Liechtenstein: Preview & Prediction

One of the worst teams of the World Cup European Qualifiers, Liechtenstein will be out in the final match of


The Macedonia Liechtenstein competition to be played in the Strumica region will start at 21:45 Monday evening. If we take a look at the rationale for the challenge code 386, it is immediately noticeable that the straight-through rate is open without any negative handicap given to Macedonia. The Liechtenstein team opened at 12.50 and Macedonia opened at 1.05. The odds given to homeowners on foreign betting sites like Bets10 are at the level of 1.10. The betting companies, Macedonians, even Liechtenstein, such as a very weak team in my opinion does not fully trust me. Because Liechtenstein is a team that handicaps almost every game he plays. I find it useful to keep this interesting note in our minds. Now let’s take a look at the latest status of both teams. .


Macedonia signed a surprise surprise in the Italian league. Even one succession of successes would be counted as success. Certainly this is the most important thing they have done in the group so far. Jahovic sat at the substitute club in that match and did not play. Pandev and his colleagues showed good resistance. Macedonia is the only team yet to be defeated in 2017 despite everything. During this period they played a game against Turkey and that match ended 0-0. It was already impossible for them to exist in the same group of giants like Spain and Italy. But still I thought they would be more competitors in the group. I can say that the Macedonian group, which gained 8 points, paid a heavy price for making a disastrous start. In 2002 they had a 0-0 draw with Liechtenstein, this time I find it less likely to repeat such a win.

Malta, Andorra, San Marino, Faroe Islands and Liechtenstein are among the teams that have not made much progress despite the last years. The success of these teams depends on the number of goals scored in general. Liechtenstein, for example, is the team that is left behind in terms of scoring goals. The team could only score one goal at the end of the match. They lost the match they had scored in the Israeli away, with a reasonable result like only 2-1. They have not eaten historical differences except for two Spanish matches, but as I said, they are not productive about goals. I think Büchel, who plays the most talented gamer in Verona.

Macedonia – Liechtenstein: Betting Tips

1/1 ht/ft – Odds: 1.45
Over 2,5 goals – Odds: 1.55