Maidstone United vs Sutton United: Preview & Prediction

The English love football! In no other country in the world is even the fifth-highest class of a country still equipped with professional structures. Therefore, it is not surprising that more than 40 hours before the start of the match, far more than 50 betting players have the match between Maidstone United and Sutton United. Bets, the homeowners continue the trend, shooting the Arsenal opponents from the FA Cup deeper into the basement?

Maidstone United

The Maidstone United Football Club is currently on the 19th place. In the big 24-league, “The Stones” would be able to create the class. Ten points from the recent four games ensured that Maidstone shot United like Phoenix from the ashes from the table cellar. Self-confidence is at the boiling point. The starting position is, among other things, also outstanding, as the competition has already played two games more (Woking). In the case of 63 members of the convent thus far, the weakness of the association does not have to be debated. Last but not least, an outstanding offensive ensured that even when Maidstone conceded two contenders (4-2 against Chester & Southport), they were victorious. Loza (wing) and Pigott (single point) beat Southport FC three times. The yellow-blacks do not have to fear an opponent like Sutton United in their homelands.

Sutton United

Sutton United recently went through the media. This was the FA Cup game against Arsenal FC. The narrow result was respectable, but shortly after the match the grief prevailed: 150kg Koloss Wayne Shaw (substitute goalkeeper) had pushed a sandwich during the match, although he knew that there were betting opportunities available. There followed the voluntary resignation from the club after many years of loyalty, as against Shaw was determined. Since then, there has been a sorrowful mourning at Sutton United, because in all four March duty games, the team remained unbeaten. Only four points separate Sutton from Maidstone. Class retention is therefore not yet guaranteed. Against Sutton, it is also said that in 18 foreign matches, only two victories are achieved (2S 4U 12N). 14:30 Goals underscored the weak guest appearances. The weak point of Suttons is the offensive, with 39 goals reaching less than 1.1 hits.

Maidstone United vs Sutton United: Direct Matches

Maidstone United and Sutton United have good cards in the relegation battle. Lastly, however, the householders were much more convinced, while Sutton fell into a small mood after the FA Cup. We are therefore opting for a tip for the homeowners, but we use the cash back guarantee in the event of a draw. For these bets, there are betting odds around 1.82.

25.10.16 VNL Sutton Maidstone 2 : 2
05.04.16 VNL Maidstone Sutton 1 : 2
08.08.15 VNL Sutton Maidstone 0 : 2
26.02.11 RL Sutton Maidstone 5 : 1
06.11.10 RL Maidstone Sutton 0 : 3

Maidstone United vs Sutton United: Betting Tips

1X – Odds: 1.50
Over 2,5 goals – Odds: 1.95