In order to get ready for the restart of the different leagues in Europe, there are teams that have been making friendly, as is the case of the German Hertha Berlin, who is facing the Estadi Son Bibiloni in Palmas de Mallorca, Equipment of the area, Mallorca.

Those led by Pal Dardai have been having a good season in the German Bundesliga, taking third place with 30 points, nine behind Bayern Munich.

The goal for them is to qualify for the UEFA Champions League and they are on the right track.

Meanwhile, the outlook for the coaches led by Basque coach Javier Olaizola is not the best, the cast of Mallorca is located in the antepenultimate box with 22 points, being out of the downhill only by goal difference, as Mirandés Has equal amount of points and therefore the environment is not of the best.

Thus, for the moment that crosses and quality of templates all indicates that Hertha will be left with the victory, but also have to keep in mind that it is a friendly and in this kind of games, coaches tend to make many changes in all their Lines, and so what is more is to go for the goals and that’s exactly what we bet.

Our prediction:

Hertha Berlin to win

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