Mobile Slots

Nothing illustrates the progress of casino gambling over the years better than the progress of slot machines. From the days that the first slot games were invented, the game went through a series of changes which reflected how far technology has come through the years. The first slots were large and bulky devices, which were then replaced by the almost equally cumbersome video slots and then by the online slots which are nothing more than a few lines of code, reaching players world over through the internet.

The most recent technological innovation for slot machines came in the shape of mobile slots: online slot machines accessible over the internet from the normal mobile phone to ipads, making it possible for the player to play slots for real money while waiting for the bus or during their lunch break. Despite the technological progress they’ve seen, slot machines have largely retained their initial appeal.

Modern video slots (mobile slots as well) which can be found at websites like Spinsify have spinning reels and even the arms that players can pull to set them in motion. If anything, modern mobile and online slot games have become even more interesting, requiring even more player participation than their ancestors. They feature a wide variety of pay lines and there are plenty of side games as well, in which players can actively participate.

Until recently, the fact that you were using a mobile device to play online casino games (among them online slots) meant that you were pretty much forced to trade graphics quality and option numbers for mobility. Nowadays, that is no longer a problem. While the java platform that is used to run these mobile games has its graphical limitations, devices have evolved in leaps and bounds and because slots are not exactly complicated to display in a visually pleasing manner, mobile slots have pretty much caught up with the general online slot games. Casinos which offer mobile slots have the ability to detect the settings of the user’s mobile phone and to gauge the graphics details accordingly.

Of course, the fact that your online casino offers you real money mobile slots doesn’t mean that you should play real money only. The play-money feature can be just as much fun and you won’t risk losing any dough on it either. Some mobile slot games unlock additional slots once you win a certain amount of play-money. With the enhanced capabilities of modern mobile devices, sounds no longer represent a problem either. Most mobile slots offer a reasonable variety of sounds, like title themes, scoring combination sounds and general slot machine effects. Acquiring the software shouldn’t be a problem either, since most online casinos are keen to attract players, so they offer the whole package for free. All you have to do is to access their site and download the software to a computer or directly to your mobile device. You’ll be able to check out compatibility issues on site as well.

Installing the game on your mobile phone should only take a few seconds. Control is achieved through the standard controller buttons of your telephone. It’s all pretty self-explanatory, but the online casino whose software you’re using will probably feature detailed indications on how you can control the game, on its site. The bottom line is that with the ease with which these games can be installed and the accessibility that they offer, you’ll probably find yourself playing online slots before you know it too. Make sure however that you sign up for an online casino which does indeed give you a good bang for your buck.